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At Sensible Heating Solutions, we specialise in the installation of water based under floor heating (UFH). From the tailor made design of the heating system through to its installation and any additional building work to complete the project, we offer a service that is second to none. Based in Hinstock, North Shropshire, we provide a comprehensive service to clients in Shropshire, North Staffordshire and South Cheshire.

Over the last decade, UFH technology has improved by leaps and bounds and is recognised as one of the most efficient and most comfortable methods to heat your home. Indeed it scores with the best on HIPs pack surveys. So, you can forget radiators cluttering up the walls; taking up the space where you would have put your prized piece of furniture; leaving you with a room that doesn't look the way you would have liked and with a heating system that doesn't deliver the performance you would expect in today's climate of rising energy costs.

Water based UFH is up to 30% more efficient than conventional central heating systems. The beauty of UFH is that it provides a much more pleasant, even, heat throughout any given room. It is a more radiant heat so it does not produce the hot and cold spots that are common with a radiator based system. With radiators the heat rises across the ceiling and back down the opposite wall circulating around, so its actually heating the part of the room that is not lived in first. This uses energy in a wasteful way; in fact a radiator thermostat has to be set to a much higher setting than an UFH system to heat a room to a set temperature.